and form of payment


Written below are the efforts of the community to succeed Bitcoin yet to supplement and refine the technology. These are the major strength of MicroBitcoin as the most realistic means of payment for the micro-economy bringing it one step closer to becoming the new currency of the future, as well as the technological breakthrough that will bring a great deal of real-world convenience.

Basic Technology

10,000 X
Increased Total Supply
Increasing the total supply of MicroBitcoin by a ratio of 1:10,000 to that of Bitcoin will lead to transactions of lower values attracting lower fees. This is in keeping with the intended idea for lowering transaction costs of micropayments.
Rainforest Algorithm
ASIC-Resistant Mining
Mining has to be kept decentralized and open. To achieve this, MicroBitcoin implements the ASIC-resistant proof-of-work algorithm known as Rainforest.
Grøstl Algorithm
More Blocks Per Minute
Interval between the creation of new blocks is lowered to facilitate near-instant transaction confirmations for micropayments and at lower costs. So you can expect to walk into a pizza shop and pay for your pizza with MBC.
1 bpm
Replay Protection
Securing Transactions
MicroBitcoin uses its own unique address formatting system as an added measure to secure transactions to prevent replay attacks which may be fraudulent or malicious duplication or delay of validly transmitted data within the blockchain.
replay protection