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MBCians are the members who participate in MicroBitcoin’s Open Source ecosystem and community. MBCians share the vision and value of MicroBitcoin and its ecosystem. MBCians can become developers, marketers, creators, editors or anything else what they contribute to. MBCians have ambitions to make the world much more transparent, decentralized and convenient.


Why an open source community is important Participants of MBC open source community 3 simple steps for beginner MBCians Possible task types

Why an open source community is important

MicroBitcoin was born to inherit the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto had a will to make the world transparent and decentralized. We think it should not only remain as a motto or be confined to the digital world, but it should be realized in the world where real people are living. So MBCians take effort not only to open the source code of MicroBitcoin but also to maintain the community for everyone to be able to join. MBCians believe that only transparent and decentralized processes can bring about the true real transparent and decentralized world. It is the reason why we think an open source community is so important.
An open source project means that anybody can view, use, modify, distribute, and participate in the project.

Participants of MBC open source community

MicroBitcoin's community play an important role in maintaining the project since it is open sourced. The community therefore represents MicroBitcoin. The roles listed below are some of the ways that anyone interested in helping out can participate in this open source project.

Protocol Developer

Core developer of the MicroBitcoin protocol.
Discord #core-discussion #testnet-discussion or MBC Forum


Add transactions into the next block of the blockchain.
Discord #mining-pool #mining-rigz

Application Developer

Develop applications that utilize the MBC protocol.
Discord #wallet-discussion or MBC Forum


Provide products/services related to the use of the MBC protocol (accept MBC as a payment)
Discord #mbc-acceptance


Holders, givers, ambassadors and all those part of the MBC ecosystem - you!
Discord #general #announcements


From day-to-day, swing, to holders who buy/sell for the liquidity of MBC.
Discord #trading

Contents Creator

Promote MicroBitcoin by creating various contents.
Discord #tasks-and-rewards

Community Moderator

Moderate communications and discussions within MBC channels
Discord MBC channels

3 simple steps for beginner MBCians

MicroBitcoin is completely managed by the open source community and MicroBitcoin’s ecosystem all begins with MBCians. MBCians build the world of MicroBitcoin by spontaneous and continuous participation. Anyone who wants to be an MBCian can become a part by contributing to the MicroBitcoin ecosystem. We are welcoming you! Contributing is simple and easy, and you can do it in various ways. If there is no task that interests you, you can also purpose your own task.

Step 1: Join the MicroBitcoin open source community
To begin your contribution as an MBCian, you have to join the MicroBitcoin community.
Please join the MicroBitcoin Discord channel.
Step 2: Pick a task or propose a task
Now that you are in MicroBitcoin's Discord community, read the descriptions of different task types in the list below, and decide which one most appeals to you. You can pick any task you like, or if there are no tasks you like you can propose your own task by filling out the form provided.
Step 3: Do the task
Once you've decided what kind of task you want to do, check carefully for the right guidance and complete the tasks. When you finished your work, share it with other fellow MBCians on the MicroBitcoin Discord channel!

Possible task types

There are multiple avenues you can take to contribute to MicroBitcoin ecosystem depending on your abilities and interests. Even though some tasks may be daunting, we do have lots of simple activities available.
Click on each item to see an example.

Option 1: I like to code
You can contribute to MicroBitcoin's community by developing or debugging
- Join MBC Forum
- Report bugs
Option 2: I like to mine
Mining is an essential part of maintaining and solidifying the blockchain network of MicroBitcoin.
- Guide to mining MBC
Option 3: I like to write
In an open source project, sharing information with others is very much important.
- Propose an idea here
Option 4: I like to create
Fascinating creations that attracts people and makes them want to be together.
- Example Youtube Content
- Example Youtube Content #2
Option 5: I like business
MicroBitcoin is born to be used in real-life. Let it come true.
- Restaurant accepting MBC
Option 6: I like to communicate
A good relationship in public makes the environment for more people to join in the MicroBitcoin community.
- Example Social Media Content
Option 7: I want to do my own task
Just do it like you. Just do you!
- Propose your task idea here