MBCians, Let's Moon Together!

MicroBitcoin is an open source project that is freely being developed by contributors from the MBC community.
Anyone interested is welcome to contribute to the project and give their input in developing this project further.

Join us on our adventure below.

Feedback and suggestions on projects and community events.

MBC protocol development completed and MBC hard forked at Bitcoin’s block 525,000
Technical Whitepaper v1.0

LWMA-2 update and reply protection fixed
ElectrumX interface integration completed
Web wallet and Android wallet released
Blockchain Explorer released
First mining pools started
First exchange listing for MBC
Contracted with the Korean Association of Care Workers (KACW) to adopt MicroBitcoin
Received an appreciation award for Korea’s Queer parade event
Launched MBC community’s first bounty program

LWMA-3 upgrade completed
MBC wallet wordpress plugin completed
Launched MBC android wallet onto Google Playstore
MBC website renewal completed
Exchange listings(BiteBTC, STEX, Exrate,
MBC price listing on CoinMarketCap
Launched the “MBCians, be MBCious” community event

Rainforest algorithm implementation completed
3/06 Network update completed
Mining interface renewal (CPU Miner) completed
MBC acceptance into the Golden Goose Project
Additional listings on price info sites
Additional mining pools
Community Events / Airdrop Event

Multi-Signature integration
Request for wallet integrations to third-parties (Ledger, Trezor, Copay, etc.)
Major exchange listings
MBC’s first community run hackathon

Lightning network implementation
MBC Escrow feature
Golden Goose project to accept MBC
Golden Goose exchange listing
MBC developer meetups

The projects and upgrades below were suggested and in consideration to be developed by our community. If you are interested in contributing, please check out the details of each upgrade on how you can join.