Mining MBC

There are several ways
you can mine MicroBitcoin.

Mining is an essential part of the MicroBitcoin Ecosystem.
Miners contribute to securing the protocol in order for transactions to be safely transferred
between peers and are rewarded for it in block rewards and transaction fees.

MicroBitcoin (MBC) Header Image

How to Mine MBC

First of all you should generate MicroBitcoin address using paper wallet .
(Make sure to save the private key generated)

CPU Mining

Use cpuminer-multi
./cpuminer.exe -a power2b -o stratum+tcp://POOL_ADRESS:PORT -u YOUR_ADDRESS -p -t1

Where to Mine MBC

Mining Information Channels

Mining Reward

MicroBitcoin Block Reward

While currently 12,500 MBCs are given to miner as mining reward for one block per minute, 5,500 MBCs per block will be given in new network, which means mining volume will be decreased to 44%.
Instead of fixed reward per block like Bitcoin new network’s mining emission will decrease slowly in accordance with mining reward formula.

MicroBitcoin (MBC) Reward Image - Reward is slowly decreasing by 30% each 2 years. Max 5,500MBC per Block. Formula of MBC per block is 5,500 X ( 1+log(0.7)/epoch )^block_height.