Rewards Program

About the Program

MicroBitcoin is an open sourced project that is developed and supported by its community and contributors all around the world. The project strongly believes in community contribution to develop and further spread the adoption of MicroBitcoin as a payment protocol.

The rewards program is designed for the MicroBitcoin’s MBCian members who are community members that contribute to MicroBitcoin in ways other than just development. Since not all members may have skills in coding, this program will focus on different methods in which contributors can apply their best skills and knowledge in the adoption of MicroBitcoin.

Let’s Moon together!

We want to award you for increasing the adoption of MicroBitcoin. Contributions that contain well written details, designs, and commitment will be eligible for higher rewards rather than contributions without clear impact.

Program Flow

Results will be made public successively after the conclusion of internal review.

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Active Reward Programs

Title Category Start Date End Date Eligibility Reward
How to mine (Spanish) Video 2019-04-23 2019-06-30 Spanish speakers
Video (YouTube) content creators
Up to 1,000,000 MBC
How to mine (Spanish) Video 2019-04-23 2019-06-30 Spanish speakers
Video (YouTube) content creators
Up to 1,000,000 MBC

Eligibility & Conditions for Participation

  • Must provide details and proof of task completion.
  • Rewards must be submitted, done through the proposals page on
  • Development of the project must not have been financed in any way by a third party including grants or the company you work for.
  • Rewards will be judged by the sole discretion of Microbitcoin’s reward providers. We will be looking at the quality of the rewards, how useful it is, the amount of work, production readiness, and creativity.

Exceptions and Violations that are not Eligible for Rewards

  • Copying or using pre-made materials or content.
  • Taking credit for other user’s content or submissions.
  • Inappropriate content.
  • Content unrelated to MicroBitcoin.

Things to remember

  • MicroBitcoin is not an ICO (don’t get confused with the other project). Double check the correct project and correct content.