MicroBitcoin is Launching New Network

October 04, 2019.

Network upgrade header

MBCians, we are firing up engines!

New network launching is set to happen at 1,137,200th block which is estimated to occur on October 9, 2019, at 11:00 UTC.

Key Features of New Network

- MBCs (MicroBitcoin) which haven't been moved since hardfork will be burned. (There is approximately 2,700,000 BTC activated so far from the 525,001 block)

- Locking up the 50% of the premined contributors' MicroBitcoin. (Almost 5,000,000,000 MBC will be technically locked up until 2021.)

- Maximum Supply will be almost 61,000,000,000 MBC. It will be different according to the snapshot amount.

- Reward for first block of new network will be changed from 12,500 MBC to 5,500 MBC. And reward for each new block will be calculated using the function in the document below.

- To make network more reliable, prevent block spamming and create better fee market, block size will be decreased to 300kb.

- New Algorithm : YesPower Proof-of-Work algorithm. You can find details of YesPower algorithm in the document below.

Pools, exchanges, and all node holders please update to the latest release by following this post https://mbc.wiki/d/31-new-network-launch